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taekwondo kids

Kids First Tool To Achieve Physical And Mental Balance

Find about our START UP TRIAL and how to get a FREE UNIFORM

5-7 years old

Children will go through a goal set traditional belt ranking system, that gradually increases the difficulty of the basic techniques involved in Taekwondo as a Martial Art: Stances-Blocks-Hand Strikes-Kicks-Forms-Self-defense and free sparring. Through the systematic program and routinely practice kids will discover and harbor the important values of Discipline, Dedication, Respect, Courage…


Kids first tool to achieve physical and mental balance, a 45-minute uplifted sport Taekwondo class, design to grow children’s gross mobility skills and basic physical abilities.

Gross mobility skills Squat, Jump, Push, Pull, Bend, Gait, twist, curl, run.

Basic physical abilities: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Flexibility
But must important is made FUN and entertaining by our amazing black belt staff, to enrich a harmonious develop of our students.



  • ONE PRIVATE CLASS     (Appointment required)

  • ONE MONTH OF CLASSES (4 weeks,2 Classes per week)


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