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taekwondo academy
for juniors

Learning Martial Arts Is An ENJOYABLE, MEANINGFUL And RESULTS-ORIENTED Way For Kids To Experience The Value Of Discipline

8-12 years old

Fun exciting class that shapes kids' character through the habits of discipline, enhanced by the practice of Taekwondo as a performing sport, kids will develop the mobility skills proper of Martial Art Stances-Blocks & Hand Strikes-Kicks-Forms-Self-defense and free sparring.

Challenging their physical abilities to new levels of balance, coordination, rhythm, re-action influencing and preparing them to do what it takes to triumph in life: passion and commitment. Framed in the traditional Taekwondo belt ranking system, children will develop focus, perseverance, integrity, discipline, courage but, above all, the ability to believe in themselves.



  • ONE PRIVATE CLASS     (Appointment required)

  • ONE MONTH OF CLASSES (4 weeks,2 Classes per week)


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